Glenn Dorsey

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Glenn Dorsey

[vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1571159765268{border-bottom-width: 2px !important;}”]Glenn Dorseys owns, a real estate property management company; FMCRS, a facility maintenance company; and is a serial entrepreneur.  Glenn’s hobbies include boating, riding the Harley Davidson, getting dirty in the mud riding ATV’s and watching football.

Phone: +1(850) 304-2605

High Speed Internet
Conference Room
Mail Service
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People Talking About Us

WorkSpace225 is not just a building - it's a point of connection so my business can receive help and give help. The building has a modern and popular concept, has free parking.  I worked downtown and cannot tell you how difficult it was to find a parking spot and then have to walk a few blocks to my office.  I've met some great people here.

Kelly Jones
Kelly JonesProduction Manager

I just needed a space for a training meeting.  My team came in to find fresh baked cookies, coffee and the conference room ready to use.  I love the WorkSpace225 theme and wish you luck. Cheers!

Michael Stone
Michael StonePhotographer

Super! I used to work from home, but I became unmotivated easily and sometimes bored.  Coming to WorkSpace225 I was able to meet others who needed my services and they also kept me engaged.  My dedicated desk was huge and I had plenty of space to work.  I really enjoyed the free snacks in the customer lounge and also the member kitchen.

Catherine Drews
Catherine DrewsGraphic Designer
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